SERVICES - Bracing & Orthotics

Excellence Through Innovation

The Saskatoon Sports Medicine Center’s multidisciplinary team includes a Bracing & Orthotics Department specializing in custom and off-the-shelf bracing, splinting and supportive products as well as custom and off-the-shelf orthotic devices. The Saskatoon Sports Medicine Center is excited to offer clients, and the medical and rehabilitation community, access to our extensive selection of products including premium products by DonJoy, Ossur, Innovation Sports, Procare, Anatech, AirCast, MedSpec, Powerstep and more. Products also include crutches, canes, slings, as well as cold therapy equipment (cryocuff). We welcome special product inquiries for unique problems.

The bracing and orthotics department can be accessed via physician referral or direct access by the client. It is advisable to acquire a physician referral if the client will be seeking insurance coverage for their product cost. Most insurance and funding programs require a physician referral in order to facilitate client reimbursement.

Patient care encompasses acute and chronic musculoskeletal injury, as well as pre and post surgical management leading to a graduated progressive return to function and sport. A primary objective of the clinic is to allow each client to achieve their own individual health, fitness and performance goals. Assessment and management of a client’s injury is approached from a global perspective, identifying not only the problem, but the source of the problem, enabling management to address both primary treatment and secondary prevention.

It is recommended that all patients bring appropriate clothing such as shorts with them to their appointments. Payment for all braces and deposits can be made by cash, credit card or interac. We accept WCB and SGI clients, however they must get pre-approval prior to the brace purchase.

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