SERVICES - Orthopedics

Orthopedic surgeons provide clinical assessment and management services, as well as surgical intervention options. SOSMC is fortunate to have several outstanding orthopedic surgeons on the SOSMC team. Their special interest and specific training provides them with the experience and tools to evaluate and direct the management of a client’s specific injury or problem.
Once a clinical assessment has been completed, the surgeon may establish a management plan including: sport/activity modification; medication; request for further medical/radiological investigations or testing; initiation of referral for physiotherapy rehabilitation; or specific surgical intervention.

The group of surgeons at SOSMC have extensive training and experience in a variety of procedures including: total shoulder replacement, total hip replacement, total knee replacement, joint reconstructive procedures (shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle), and spine surgery. The orthopedic surgeons are dedicated to continuing education and technical training in order to provide the most up to date surgical techniques and procedures. Access to orthopedic consultation is via physician referral.